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Seychelles Footwear

Seychelles makes some of the most original and on-point shoes on the market! We could go on and on about how much we love this brand, but we believe they say it best:

"Always on trend, Seychelles stays true to its heritage and connected to its girl. Romantic and independent, she loves soft and feminine details and vintage-inspired designs. She knows who she is, has command over her personal style, and makes fashion work for her.

Seychelles was founded in 1984 on the streets of Los Angeles. Fashion-forward from the start, the original collections featured Italian-made jeweled sandals and western-style boots. Under new leadership in 1999, Seychelles repositioned itself to address the shift in the marketplace as girls moved away from shopping department stores to find unique items at specialty and vintage boutiques.

With a new focus on designing vintage-inspired styles with a modern twist. Seychelles set out to deliver styles with the perfect blend of cutting edge looks and timeless vintage details. Trendsetters on a search for unique pieces quickly embraced Seychelles' fresh point of view and a loyal brand following was born. Seychelles continues this tradition today, creating styles for fashion explorers."